Friday, November 20, 2009

And here is the test

Well, how do I look?

Test of multiple posts on the same day.

I apologize to my loyal subscribers, but I am testing what the default formatting looks like for multiple posts on the same day. I hope to start blogging again in the near future, but I realistically do not have time until after Christmas.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Help fixing a draft?

I recently purchased a home. While there are a lot of things wrong with the home and although it needs a lot of work, I think it is a nice home for my little family. It does need some TLC. One of my many current problem fixations is my drafty chimney: My wooden stove
I am not sure how to fix the draft. The stove was installed illegally by the previous owners, so we are not and will not be using it. There does seem to be a draft coming from either the chimney, the stove, or both. I need to fix this. Any ideas? The solution needs to be cheap (we just bought a house), easy (I need to be able to do it myself), and pretty (it is in my living room and people see it). A tall order, I know.

Here is a link to the Yahoo Answers question I posed about this. It already has one answer: plastic and duct tape. Would that really work? Any ideas of how to make that as pretty as possible?