Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Apple's mistake?

On the way to work today I listened to the This Week in Tech podcast from last week. A new episode came out yesterday, but I did not plug in my iPod last night. Since I had not listened to any of my podcasts (I rarely do), this one was still available. Anyway, I listened to it and the discussion revolved mostly around Apple and their "announcements" of two weeks ago.

The main debate centered around the $200 price cut in the iPhone. The host tried to see the best in Apple, while the rest seemed to think Apple made a huge mistake. They also talked about why this was a mistake (bad publicity, overshadow new releases, etc). Even though they were disagreeing, I think everybody was making strong and reasonable arguments. I have to say I am in the "apple made a mistake" category, but I agree with the host that the true shame is the overshadowing of their new releases.

In particular, the new iPod nano. Sure, the iPod touch is what is REALLY cool, but the iPod nano puts video in such a small scale and for so cheap! That commercial for it is also strangely addicting and too catchy. The biggest problem I have with the nano is all the choices! Not only do we have to decide which iPod to get, we also have to decide which color. And if we want to surprise someone with a gift, that makes things difficult.

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