Wednesday, January 23, 2008


As mentioned in my previous post, we had some friends over this past weekend and they brought their Wii. I've always expected it to be fun and addicting, but I must say I underestimated it. It was fun to watch my wife get so "into" it. Even creating the silly little Mii for herself and me was a big deal for her.

Playing the games was cool too, although I spent most of the time trying to figure out exactly what inputs the Wii-mote was actually looking for. Although it is designed to mimic real action, you can simulate superlative action if you know what it is looking for.

That is how I managed to hold my own in Wii-sports baseball. For both pitching and batting, I did okay by simulating real baseball, but when I switched over to pitching by hinging on my elbow and batting with a tennis racket, I actually made a game of it with a much more experienced player (but still lost).

Likewise, on mini-games where shaking the Wii-mote was required I totally rocked. I made educated guesses as to the type of input the Wii-mote wanted and normally was correct. I think provided only that input repeatedly.

Anyway, I give the Wii two "big thumbs up" and look forward to owning one someday. Of course, by the time that happens something better will be out...

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