Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Similar dissertations

I found some dissertations that I think might be similar to mine (in form):

Advised by Rajiv Gupta

  • Rastislav Bodik, University of California, Berkeley, Dept. of Computer Science
    Dissertation: Path and Value Sensitive Code Optimizations (November 1999).
    Recipient of the SIGPLAN Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award, 2001.
    NSF CAREER Award, 2001.

  • Evelyn Duesterwald, IBM Research, Yorktown
    Dissertation: A Demand Driven Approach for Efficient Interprocedural Data Flow Analysis
    (July 1996).

My advisor's John Regehr dissertation (not really that similar):

  • Using Hierarchical Scheduling to Support Soft Real-Time Applications on General-Purpose Operating Systems,
    PhD thesis, University of Virginia, May 2001.

Advised by George Necula

  • Sumit Gulwani
    Program Analysis using Random Interpretation, PhD Dissertation, UC-Berkeley, 2005, Sumit Gulwani, Winner of the ACM SIGPLAN Doctoral Dissertation Award

Advised by Alex Aiken

  • Manuel Faehndrich
    Microsoft Research
    Thesis: BANE: A Library for Scalable Constraint-Based Program Analysis

  • John Kodumal
    Thesis: Program Analysis with Regularly Annotated Constraints

  • Yichen Xie
    DE Shaw
    Thesis: Static Detection of Software Errors

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