Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Twitter problems

I am by no means a Twitter "power user" or anything close. I joined twitter because TWIT panels kept on talking about it. After finding a moderate number of interesting people to follow (and finding a moderate number of sites to not receive updates on because it feels like SPAM) I started to enjoy seeing what was going on.

However it appears that Twitter has grown a bit too big for its britches. I imagine part of this is just growth, and another part of it is the derby that Leo flagrantly promoted at the end of TWIT a week and a half ago. I have not listened to this week's TWIT yet, so maybe he talks more about it.

Twitter went down for me sometime late last week. The web page interface was working a little over the weekend, but I have not been able to connect through GTalk (my preferred method of connection right now). This morning I tried to fix GTalk, and then even the web portal went down.

Twitter is a really neat technology that will change the way web traffic games get played. However, it needs to be able to scale first. A lot of "stupid Twitter, but we still support it" posts already exist. This post just adds to the list. However, if a competitor (read: Pounce) captilized on this then Twitter would lose its competitive advantage of a head start.

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