Friday, July 24, 2009

Wii Internet Channel Homepage

I put together a homepage for my Wii internet channel. Although I hope to eventually have a wireless USB keyboard to use with my Wii, right now I only have my Wii remotes. Typing with the Wii-remotes is tedious at best. So I used my computer to create a launchpad from my Wii. You can find it here.

In the process of making this site I ran across several sites that offered "Wii homepage" services. Wii browser looked pretty good, but some apparent inappropriate links on the front page turned me off. Wii home also looked pretty good. In the end I prefer the flexibility of controlling my own site over somebody else's more polished interface.

If I ever get motivated to polish my Wii homepage's interface, I ran across some good resources for that too. This blog post and another related one capture the specs of the Opera browser used on the Wii, plus provide some nice looking Wii buttons. This site has some information on interacting with the Wii remote through javascript. That will not fly with my website host (Google sites).

I tried to collect sites I have either found to be fun/useful on the Wii myself or think will be fun/useful in the future. If there was a Wii specific version of the site then I went with that, otherwise I included the site plus available mobile versions. Below is a list of sites that made the cut onto my Wii homepage. If you think I am missing something, please feel free to make a comment:
  • Google video - Until the browser updates its flash and we can run Hulu, this is probably the best place to search for videos
  • Stumble Upon Video - I do not use this service, but a lot of other sites recommended it
  • YouTube - Most of the good content found in Google Video comes from this site. Plus, they have a Wii specific version
  • Google Reader - I love Google Reader for aggregating feeds, plus they have a Wii specific interface
  • WiiCade - This site collects flash games designed for the Wii. It turns the Wii into a little arcade and is a lot of fun
  • Videlectrix - A few simple Wii flash games from a quality company. Alright, maybe not the most exciting. . .
  • finetune - Another service I do not use right now, but I might start. It turns the Wii into a jukebox
  • Clusty - A search engine optimized for the Wii. I think I'll stick with Google, but this is still nice
  • - Quality content that is best watched while single and late at night. Very funny
  • Digg - Find the best stuff on the web here. I find the video section particularly useful for the Wii
  • Myspace - I skipped the Myspace generation, but I heard it was/is kind of big
  • Facebook - they want to hold all your information in their little books, so you can now show all that information on your Wii
  • LinkedIn - Alright, maybe wanting to use this on your Wii is a bit of stretch
  • Twitter - Using a Wii remote to type probably won't let you get much longer than 140 character before you go crazy
  • flickr - The Wii comes with a nice photo channel, but that probably isn't as socially active for you as flickr
  • Friendfeed - Release your inner geek and aggregate everything online and then check it out over your Wii
  • Gmail - The best web mail client. Now you can check your email in your living room with everybody watching
  • Amazon - Online shopping. What more could you want?

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Cubicle said...

Thanks Nathan, nice list. I just downloaded it yesterday and wasn't very impressed overall so it's good to find a list of wii friendly sites to bookmark.