Friday, October 23, 2009

Who is George?

It should not be news to anybody that I have become a big Jonathan Coulton fan. A while back I was listening to his song A Talk with George again and decided to finally figure out what the song was about. I liked the tune, and the lyrics seemed to describe somebody like Forrest Gump without the mental handicaps (popping in and out of historical events in a way that could have happened but seems rather implausible). It turns out that the song is about George Plimpton, and his life sounds even more amazing than the song makes it out.


cay said...

I have a George Plimpton book if you want to read it.

jamesdaff said...

JoCo is the best. I was initially drawn in by the novelty songs like "Re: Your Brains" and "Chiron Beta Prime", but have come to love everything he does. My top 10 JoCo songs:

I Feel Fantastic
Code Monkey
I'm Your Moon
Skullcrusther Mountain
Mandelbrot Set
That Spells DNA
Shop Vac

Skullcrusher Mountain has maybe my favorite lyric of all time: "Maybe I used too many monkeys." I laugh every time.

Nathan said...

Those are pretty good. I was going to add a couple to the list (Ikea and Skymall), but then I thought of more and more. My wife and I always get a kick out of Till the Money Comes