Friday, June 05, 2009

My Wii Guide

I put together a web page on stuff Wii owners need. I created this guide to help you to know what to include in your Wii collection. This will never be an all-inclusive list, but it will always only contain products I recommend owning. I have divided the items into a number of categories, so you can look where your interests lie:

  • For starters - Haven't actually purchased a Wii yet? Thinking of getting a Wii for somebody? Here is a a good list of items to start with.
  • For everybody - Just about everybody should get these (hence the description of the category)
  • For parties - One of the Wii's core strengths is its in-person party game playability. However, not all party games are created equal.
  • For couples - Want to play non-party games together with your significant other (probably a non-gamer)? This list is for you!
  • For exercisers - Can't get to the gym? Think the Wii will solve your weight problems? Probably not, but here is how you can try anyway.
  • For nostalgia - Grew up playing Nintendo games and want to recapture some of your youth? Didn't actually buy a Gamecube? Check this out.
  • For gamers - Go buy a PC, XBox, or a Playstation. Still here? Look at this list.

Have suggestions? Post comments!

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