Thursday, September 28, 2006

Microsoft Campus Connection

Yesterday I went to Microsoft Campus Connection. I learned some interesting things about Vista and XNA.


Vista is going to be released at the end of November to OEM and other major manufacturers. It will be released generally on January 15th. The reason for the most recent delays is that they are distributing it on a DVD as an image. This meant that hardware manufacturers had to write new drivers and the new drivers had to be tested. At least, this is what the presenter claimed.

The most suprising thing was that the presenter said Vista was not aimed at those of us in the room. The demographic they are aiming at is the "mom" demographic. I thought this was REALLY weird. It seemed to be that they were really proud of their gui enhancements and features. I guess they just want all of us people who actually compute to use Linux.

The presenter also demonstrated the integrated search for Vista, which I thought was pretty cool. He also showed how there is a built in calendaring application. His point with that and their DVD software was that now we didn't have to buy a bunch of third party products. I am not really sure why that is such a big deal, because most of those third party products come on the machine for a "mom." It sounds somewhat dangerous from a monopoly point of view.


This looks kind of cool, but I do not think it will live up to the hype the presenter gave for it. In the end it is just another development platform. He suggested that everybody programming in .NET should read Framework Design Guidelines and follow it. There were a number of links he gave that I think are useful:

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