Thursday, December 04, 2008

A Google Doc Presentation

My wife and I already use Google Docs to do our budget and keep track of our email address book for yearly Christmas cards. I also use Google docs to keep track of a number of other things. It is also integrated with Gmail, so you can open up office attachments from Gmail directly into Google Docs.

I have done spreadsheets and documents, but I have not done forms. Tonight I uploaded a powerpoint presentation to see how it would turn out. You can see it here:

Obviously, the formatting did not carry over completely correctly. I'm sure I could tweak the text to make it look as nice in Google as it does in Powerpoint, but that really was not the point.

Of course, I'm not really sure what the point really is. Maybe to share Kruskal's algorithm and connected components with the world? Nope.

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becahdawn said...

I love Google Docs! As you can imagine, we use it for everything around here. And I use it for all my group presentations at school Spreading the Google gospel. I'm just not sure I care much about Kruskal. Sorry.