Saturday, December 20, 2008

Windows for Linux/Power users

I am not really a Linux guru and I am not a Windows power user. However, I am comfortable in either environment. I do several things in each that make my life easier, and in general I try to make the two environments similar when I configure them. Below are some useful links I have collected for doing some snazzy/slick things with Windows that might not be for the average user. These are especially useful if you are a Linux guy working in a Windows world.
  • Microsoft released some power toys for Windows that includes a desktop management system and some other nice tweaks.
  • You can try X Mouse to get X11 mouse behavior in Windows. Highlighting cut-and-paste is useful.
  • I have never used them, but MinGW is a collection of free header files and libraries for compiling windows programs that run without external dlls, such as cygwin's.
  • Xming has been recommended to me as a good X-windows program for windows. Here are some notes. I tend to use whatever I find installed on my computer already.
  • Last but not least, here are a few other people's lists of useful tools and tricks for those living in a Windows world:

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